Nov. 12th, 2018 10:50 am
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1) What was the first type of cheese you ever ate?

Who knows but I'd make a bet on cheddar

2) What was the type of cheese you ate most recently?

Some vegan cheese in a vegan mac and cheese

3) What is the most unusual cheese you ever ate?

A lanark blue, an unpasteurised blue sheep's cheese.

4) What is your favourite cheese?

A vintage cheddar

5) What is your favourite dish made with cheese?


Not that I get to eat real cheese any more. boo to lactose intolerance. fermented tofu almost makes up for it.
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things i did

next week

  • be opinionated in meetings
  • reassure myself I've made the right choice
  • have lunch with my dad at Hawksmoor for his birthday
  • explore more of the food around hoxton square
  • drink beer at someone else's leaving drinks
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I get older on 2017-10-22. To mark this occasion I will be in the Dog and Bull (CR0 1RG) from 12:00. Come along if you want.
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So I get a year older on the 22nd of October.
I have a plan. You can join me if you want.
I'm going to go up the Shard at 10:30 and then go to china town for Dim Sum for 12:30. Where I haven't decided yet. I'm then probably going to go and sit in a pub.

So yeah. If you want to join us for dim sum let me know. If you happen to be at the shard at the same time that will be fine. I'll announce a pub at some point
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via [personal profile] nou

"When you see this, make a post in your journal or in a community. It can be anything: a crosspost something you've posted on Tumblr, a few words about the last thing you read/watched, or just a "Hi, how is everyone?" Then go read your f-list and leave at least one comment."

Before christmas I spent about 6 weeks in southern africa with my dad. We visited South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe.

Here follows a list of things I learnt while there.

  • White people in the past were arseholes. To each other let alone the locals.
  • White people are still arseholes.
  • rolling blackouts are called load shedding
  • there are a lot of elephants in botswana
  • you can get bored of seeing elephants
  • elepahant meat is supposedly quite tasty
  • south africa has a craft beer scene
  • what happens when a shark is spotted at Fish Hoek beach
  • the big hole in kimberley is big
  • Zimbabwe now uses other peoples currencies
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as long as it involves beer, SF or cricket.

On holiday for a week where every thing clashes. So I made my choices of when to attend stuff.

  • Today and Tomorrow at the GBBF.
  • Thursday to Monday at Loncon 3.
  • Tuesday at the Oval.

In an ideal world they would have been 3 seperate weeks so I could have gone to the entirety of them all however I decided that Loncon 3 doesnt happen that often so it took precendece.

Possibly see some of you at the some of the above.
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im down with the kids so have started a tumblr of things in my beard.
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So next Monday is my birthday.

During the day I'm going to do a speed circle line pub crawl on my own to celebrate the 5th anniversary of when I did it on pints.

In the evening I will need more beer and the company of others.

So If you want to celebrate my birthday with me or my doing a circle line pub crawl join me in Cask from about 18:00
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This evening I finished uploading the photos from my round the world trip.

Round the World Collection on Flickr
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Im coming back to the UK early.

medical stuff again )

I had a choice of two flights back. A 747 or an A380. Since ive not flown on an A380 i chose that flight.


Nov. 6th, 2011 05:10 pm
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Currently at [personal profile] jhaelan's house in Singapore abusing his bandwidth. Flying on to Kuala Lumpar tomorrow morning. I have changed my plans slightly and will now skip Bangkok after Ho Chi Minh City because of the flooding and what follows after the cut.

cut for medical ick and instruments aka minor surgery )

After the medical stuff I went and watched some of the singapore sevens at the singapore cricket club. Then went for chilli crab with [personal profile] jhaelan

photo of me devouring crab )

We then went toa MindCafe where [personal profile] jhaelan beat me twice at scrabble even though in one game I had a 7 letter word. I blame the drugs :)
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My flight was at 05:50 GMT :) Possibly the last Qantas flight to leave Sydney.

So we made it Singapore which was fine for me since thats where I wanted to be.

Other people on the plane were going on to frankfurt or indeed connecting to elsewhere. must suck for them.
I dont need a Qantas flight until Nov 30th so I might be okay and from Hong Kong there are probably several options back to london.

Admittedly my stop in Bangkok might be at risk for other reasons anyway.
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So I cracked the screen the on replacement n900 the other day so cant keep my flickr stream up to date as i was. I have bought a new camera so the pictures when i upload them might actually be better now. Although given how annoying the power supply and battery are on this laptop I dont know if i can be bothered. I may have sorted out one of my spare phones to do uploads but its a lot more annoying as well.

For the same reason im not updating twitter as much at the moment but I sorted that out this morning by setting up my spare phones in the right combination. So i might be posing more random crap there soon. mostly about beer i suspect.

If anything the lack of connectivity is preparing me for when I start the last leg on my tour in south east asia where i wont be able to justify getting pay as you go sims with data. Since i wont be anywhere long enough.
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So Ive got behind on writing my travels up. I had hoped to do one a day but having fun and this laptop being annoying got in the way.

day 10 )
day 11 )
day 12 )
day 13 )
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After about 5 hours sleep I get up to get ready for my cab to heathrow at 07:45. The cab turns up promptly and I make it to heathrow with plenty of time to spare. So had breakfast at Plane Food which fine if not a little pricey. Spent some money in the Nokia store to get a few bits and bobs.

On the plane I ended up having two seats to myself which is always good. I should really remember to ask for vegan meals in future given my probable lactose intolerance. Although I suspect BA do that as an option anyway.

I watched most of 3 films. Thor was enjoyable. Fast Five was enjoyably ludicrous. Sucker punch was interesting with some great fight scenes although im not that upset I missed the ending due to us landing.

To get to my hotel I decided to take a bus to South Station. The bus was confused though at one point it converted to overhead electrics instead of a normal engine and then it went in its own tunnel like it wanted to be tube. There were no longer bus stops but stations.

Once I got to South Station I got confused and it was raining so I got a cab to my hostel.

My hostel is fine if not a little basic. There is free wifi though.

After attempting a nap I decieded to go on a flaneur and see where I ended up.

I ended up at Fenway Park where I queued for game day tickets for about 2 hours and got in.

So I saw the Red Sox beat the Yankees at Fenway Park from a pretty good seat although it did go to extra an inning so by the time I had walked back to my hostel I had been up for 24 hours. Thankfully caffiene now has an effect on me so the Dr Pepper and Coke I had drunk during the day kept me awake.

Flickr set of day 9
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Day 8 of my sabbatical was mostly spent buying stuff to pack and then packing.

cut for image )

Once that was done I set up our network so things would work while I was away.
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Memory getting hazy on what actually happened so ill just give you the numbers

day 3 )
day 4 )
cut for image )
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Turned up early for day 2 of the GBBF so I could stand in the ticket holders queue to make sure at least one of us got in early to grab a table. Which we successfully did and managed to hold on to it for the rest of the day.

cut for images )

Beers drunk: 20
Beers Tasted: 45
Texts from work: 2
Calls from previous company: 1
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The forth day of my sabbatical was the first day of the gbbf. As a season ticket holder (the next few days posts might get quite repetitive) I can get into the trade session on Tuesday afternoon to get a head start on every one else.

cut for image )

As is usual I started with a half of HSB and carried on from there.
In total I drank 20 halves and had a taste of the Fuller's Brewers Reserve No. 3 which wasn't really my thing.
The best beer I had was the Dunham Massey Chocolate Cherry Mild. I hope to keep untappd up to date with the beers I'm drinking.

I also ate 2 bags of pork scratchings but didnt find any hairy ones yet.

I resisted the urge to play any of the games to win stuff I don't need.

I had 9 texts from work.
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So I started my 4 month sabbatical on Saturday after a heavy nights drinking with work on the friday night in the Tower Bridge Draft House.

On the Saturday we had a house warming/going away party which went fine although we now have far too many bread rolls in the freezer.We almost failed with the BBQ but in the end we managed to burn some meat. One of the youngest guests found the novelty or running round inside and out through the kitchen and living room to be most entertaining. [personal profile] kake's lego was got out and played with which is always good.

Sunday I spent shopping and finally found a useful piece of luggage for my trip its a Megadecker supposedly.I also bought some elastic so [personal profile] kake can fix my shorts so they stay up instead of fashionably showing my underwear. We also ate lots more meat and rolls.

On Monday morning I finally dealt with the bills for the old flat and the new house. Now all I need to do is a few change of addresses for my cards and stuff.

For lunch I ate the last of the leftover cooked food from the bbq. There is still plenty of uncooked stuff left in the freezer though.

Monday afternoon and evening [personal profile] kake and I did a pub crawl round Wallingtonand Carshalton.

Much tasty beer was drunk especially in the Hope it was a good warm up for the GBBF the rest of the week.

cut for images )

Whilst out I had one sms from work.


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