Nov. 12th, 2018 10:50 am
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1) What was the first type of cheese you ever ate?

Who knows but I'd make a bet on cheddar

2) What was the type of cheese you ate most recently?

Some vegan cheese in a vegan mac and cheese

3) What is the most unusual cheese you ever ate?

A lanark blue, an unpasteurised blue sheep's cheese.

4) What is your favourite cheese?

A vintage cheddar

5) What is your favourite dish made with cheese?


Not that I get to eat real cheese any more. boo to lactose intolerance. fermented tofu almost makes up for it.

Date: 2018-11-12 07:58 pm (UTC)
mrs_leroy_brown: (Omar Rodriguez Lopez)
From: [personal profile] mrs_leroy_brown
Fermented tofu you say? Is this a thing which can be purchased and if so where? Or was it made by yourself?

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