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Aug. 24th, 2009 12:22 am
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So now I've seen england win the ashes in the flesh the only thing left on my list is to see england win a rugby world cup in the flesh. roll on new zealand in 2011.

I do have another life goal but that gets done during my plans to go and watch the rugby world cup in new zealand.

thinking about it there is another. Being at all the games of an England grand slam. I've done all the home games before.
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  • Going to Petersham. Mainly to meet up with people in the Dysart Arms

  • Shouting at co-workers. I got a touch angry during a live deployment on wednesday.

  • Drinking! Two days of supping tasty beer at the gbbf. The st austell black prince was the only thing to really stand out. The gunpowder mild was pretty good as well.

  • Eating pig! I probably had far too many pork scratchings at the gbbf. Although there was a disturbing lack of hairy ones. I also had a 20 inch bratwurst.

  • Staying at home! I couldnt face another day at the gbbf on friday and the weather didnt look too good so didnt go to croydon for the surrey match at whitgift. Instead listened to a fantastic england batting collapse. just like bad old days. ahh the memories.

  • Blogging! I actually wrote a technical blog post after over a year. signed apt repos if you like that sort thing. also in a meta kind of way this post.


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