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So next Monday is my birthday.

During the day I'm going to do a speed circle line pub crawl on my own to celebrate the 5th anniversary of when I did it on pints.

In the evening I will need more beer and the company of others.

So If you want to celebrate my birthday with me or my doing a circle line pub crawl join me in Cask from about 18:00
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... no wiser though.

Anyway today is my birthday. The hangover from last nights drinking at the Hope has faded. So I can now contemplate more drinking. Kake and I are off to Viajante for lunch.

Then this evening you are all welcome to join me at the Dog & Bell in Deptford. Ive not booked anything and ill be quite happy to drink tasty beer on my own so dont feel you have to come. Deptford is a long way away for some people. I expect to be at the pub no later than 17:00. Hmm that sentence was a bit odd. I will be at the pub from 17:00 if not earlier and staying till they chuck me out or something like that.
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RGL is back as is my email and other things. So yeah if you mailed me anything important recently it may have bounced if it did you can mail me again now :)

also dont forget im having birthday drinks on friday. This has been you week before reminder :)


Sep. 20th, 2010 04:25 pm
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So, real soon now I get older.

This would normally be a year where I shun human contact on my birthday but since I will be in New Zealand for it next year I suppose I should do something with friends this year. I normally alternate so I only have to herd cats once every two years.

The plan is too drink tasty beer at the Dog & Bell on the 22nd of October.

[personal profile] kake and I will be having lunch in Bethnal Green before hand. So I would expect to be at the pub sometime between 16:00-17:30 if not earlier. Turn up whenever you want.

We might be bringing travel scrabble and travel boggle along if those things excite you. I could also be persuaded to play bar billiards if you twist my arm. :)

As you can see this plan involves very little cat herding or indeed planning. See you there if you want to come but don't feel you have to.
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... or I may have just found a killer combo of alcohol.

Im on the second day of hangover after my birthday meal at Hawksmoor. The steak was great. I really enjoyed my 1.1Kg of Chateaubriand. I perhaps should have eaten more vegetables with it but that would have probably meant wasting steak. Their prawn cocktail was pretty good as well. I wasnt sure about the trifle though. Trifles should not have jelly in them.

Im probably still suffering from the hangover because of the mix of drinks I had. ESB, Fuller's Vintage, London Porter, Pineapple and Sage Mojito, lots of Malbec and a port plus a few normal beers. It could of course have been the evil GIN in the dessert I finished for kake. I blame the gin. Entirely its fault i tell you.


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