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For my last June challenge I did II.(b). Using the sha1sum of my .bashrc to determine some random numbers I ended up doing page 76 column E of a London A-Z.

Which was conveniently just south of Northholt Station. So on the hottest day of the year so far I went for a wander.
Google Map

I saw many things - Flickr Set

The most exciting was a Mosaic Globe in Southall Park.
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Im sure I've bored lots of you about this already. This year I will be circumnavigating the Globe for 4 months. 2 months of which will be for the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand.

Today I finalised the flights I will be taking so now know what my Itinerary will be.


7th-11th Boston
11th-16th Nashville visiting Adam and Beth
16th-22nd Reno for Renovation
22nd-26th Las Vegas
26th-2nd San Francisco


2nd-5th Los Angeles
5th-7th the pacific while losing a day.

September 7th - October 25th New Zealand for the Rugby World Cup. I have tickets for every match England can play in.


25th-29th Sydney
29th-7th Singapore


7th-13th Kuala Lumpur
13th-18th Ho Chi Minh City
18th-23rd Bangkok
23rd-30th Hong Kong
30th -> London

So now I'm looking for tips on where to stay(or indeed offers of crash space), what to see and where to eat.

Of course Im also open to offers for meeting up for drinks while Im passing through your area. Im always up for drinks. hmmm tasty beer.
Which is why for the first week of August I will mostly be at the GBBF. Just to make sure I've drunk enough real ale to keep me going until I get back :).
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Today, we finally exchanged contracts on the house I made an offer for several months ago.

So we're moving to west croydon assuming I can find the rest of the money now :)

New Shoes!

May. 1st, 2011 11:18 am
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new shoes!

Yesterday I went shoe shopping in Kenton at Wide Fit Shoes.

Ive known for a while that my feet are quite wide but most shoes shops dont carry extra width fittings so instead I have to go up sizes. So for the last 10 years or so I've been wearing size 15 shoes but could get away with size 12 sandals if the straps were long enough.

I now have shoes which actually fit my feet properly. It seems I'm a 6E width fitting and a 12 Length.

If only I had known about Wide Fit Shoes when I was 12 years old I probably wouldnt have bought shoes from anywhere else for the last 20 years or so.

So Yeah, If you have wide feet I do recommend a viist to Wide Fit Shoes.
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Today I wore my shorts to work and didn't take a jacket. Therefore its almost summer. Summer is when I wear sandals.

Admittedly I could only do this because I wasn't going out in the evening. Still a bit cold at night for shorts.

No jacket did mean I had to leave my kindle at home. Perhaps I need a manbag?
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So after several months of procrastination I have finally posted my rules of pie to the Is it pie blog.
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this week is the battersea beer fest. ill be there on thursday.
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This week im going to yet another beer festival. The wandsworth beer festival at le gothique. I shall be there on Thursday.

You may also wish to know what the Bricklayer's in Putney is having a Herefordshire Cider and Perry Festival.
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... no wiser though.

Anyway today is my birthday. The hangover from last nights drinking at the Hope has faded. So I can now contemplate more drinking. Kake and I are off to Viajante for lunch.

Then this evening you are all welcome to join me at the Dog & Bell in Deptford. Ive not booked anything and ill be quite happy to drink tasty beer on my own so dont feel you have to come. Deptford is a long way away for some people. I expect to be at the pub no later than 17:00. Hmm that sentence was a bit odd. I will be at the pub from 17:00 if not earlier and staying till they chuck me out or something like that.
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RGL is back as is my email and other things. So yeah if you mailed me anything important recently it may have bounced if it did you can mail me again now :)

also dont forget im having birthday drinks on friday. This has been you week before reminder :)
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My colo box went boom yesterday. Therefore I have no email currently. If you need to contact me sms is probably best currently.

The colo box obviously knew we were planning to replace it with a redundant pair so got its attack in first.
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While drinking tasty beer at the bricklayer's last night it was brought to my attention that they are having a Herefordshire Cider and Perry Festival between the 28th and 31st of October. I thought several of you might want to know that. So there you go.


Sep. 20th, 2010 04:25 pm
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So, real soon now I get older.

This would normally be a year where I shun human contact on my birthday but since I will be in New Zealand for it next year I suppose I should do something with friends this year. I normally alternate so I only have to herd cats once every two years.

The plan is too drink tasty beer at the Dog & Bell on the 22nd of October.

[personal profile] kake and I will be having lunch in Bethnal Green before hand. So I would expect to be at the pub sometime between 16:00-17:30 if not earlier. Turn up whenever you want.

We might be bringing travel scrabble and travel boggle along if those things excite you. I could also be persuaded to play bar billiards if you twist my arm. :)

As you can see this plan involves very little cat herding or indeed planning. See you there if you want to come but don't feel you have to.
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since i scoured london drinker for this information i should probably post it for general consumption.

prince of wales tw2 5qr september 17th-19th
bricklayers september 22nd-26th
hope sm5 2pr september 23rd-26th locale harvest beers
rose's se18 6ne september 24th-26th
sultan october 1st-2nd
wallington(aka croydon) beer fest october 14-16th
hope sm5 2pr october 21st-24th east of england beers
le gothique october 28th - 31st
hope sm5 2pr november 25th-28th dark ales
pigs ear e5 0pu 30th November- 4th December

Of those I will be going to:
bricklayers 23rd september
wallington 14th october
hope 21st october (possibly)
le gothique 28th october
im also ponderign the pigs ear. even if it is is hackney.
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Passport photos

can we all spot why i keep my hair long?

What is also notable is how much more room i take up in each photo.


Jun. 14th, 2010 12:17 am
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Today I attacked my bedroom and made it all neat and tidy. I also sorted out my clothes of which more later. However while rehanging stuff my perfectionism kicked in and I had to think for while about how things should be hung. therefore we need a poll!
poll about hanging things in wardrobes )
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Somehow its already February. this means theres a few beer festivals imminent.

10-12 February - battersea -
25-28 February - bricklayers -
10-12 March - london drinker -

I should be there on the thursday of each of them. maybe see you there.
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... or I may have just found a killer combo of alcohol.

Im on the second day of hangover after my birthday meal at Hawksmoor. The steak was great. I really enjoyed my 1.1Kg of Chateaubriand. I perhaps should have eaten more vegetables with it but that would have probably meant wasting steak. Their prawn cocktail was pretty good as well. I wasnt sure about the trifle though. Trifles should not have jelly in them.

Im probably still suffering from the hangover because of the mix of drinks I had. ESB, Fuller's Vintage, London Porter, Pineapple and Sage Mojito, lots of Malbec and a port plus a few normal beers. It could of course have been the evil GIN in the dessert I finished for kake. I blame the gin. Entirely its fault i tell you.


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