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So I cracked the screen the on replacement n900 the other day so cant keep my flickr stream up to date as i was. I have bought a new camera so the pictures when i upload them might actually be better now. Although given how annoying the power supply and battery are on this laptop I dont know if i can be bothered. I may have sorted out one of my spare phones to do uploads but its a lot more annoying as well.

For the same reason im not updating twitter as much at the moment but I sorted that out this morning by setting up my spare phones in the right combination. So i might be posing more random crap there soon. mostly about beer i suspect.

If anything the lack of connectivity is preparing me for when I start the last leg on my tour in south east asia where i wont be able to justify getting pay as you go sims with data. Since i wont be anywhere long enough.
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